TicToc Concierge logo with Sherry Parker to the right.

Save Time With TicToc Concierge Service

At TicToc Concierge, we believe your time is important. Our mission as a concierge service is to treat our customers and their time with the utmost respect. We pride ourselves on being “professional time savers”, offering timesaving services while providing premium customer service. TicToc Concierge is fully insured and bonded.
We offer many other services such as Medical Assistance.  Do you or someone you know have an upcoming outpatient procedure and they need a ride to the doctor's, or a ride home from the doctor's office?  We can do so and help them into their home. Make sure they have their meds, food and comfortable.  Contact us to learn more about how we can help make your day a little easier!
Sherry Parker, owner of TicToc Concierge


  • Commitment. We pledge to save you time, with superior service, value, and quality.
  • Reliability. We complete every assignment, big or small, efficiently and promptly. Every time.
  • Hospitality. We consider you part of our company family and we want you to feel welcome.
  • Integrity. We know you put your trust in us and we value your confidence and your privacy.
“Your time is important and we take that to heart. We personally guarantee an effective, efficient and pleasant experience when using our services.”
-SHERRY PARKER - Owner, TicToc Concierge
** TicToc Concierge is women-owned and operated.  We are always looking to meet ladies that are interested in participating as a Time Saver! We primarily need assistance in our moving assistance services and pay above average for the projects.  If this is something you are looking for, contact Sherry today!