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Household Management

We all lead very busy lives, and it can be all too easy to feel like we are drowning under the weight of our to-do lists. One of the big challenges is finding time to get everything done.

How would you feel if you could hand over your ‘to do’ list and know that everything would be taken care of by a professional TicToc Timesaver? Take the stress out of household management, and let our Timesavers be your household concierge.  

Experiencing a leaky faucet? Instead of wasting a day sitting in the house waiting for the plumber, get us to do it. Can’t quite find time to have your new appliances installed? We have the time. Catching up on laundry seems to be an endless impossible task? No problem. Let our home managers tackle it instead. Your household manager has got it covered.

We offer services to care for your home, whether waiting for repairmen or doing household chores, creating balance and letting you get on with more important (or more fun) things. We can handle any tasks or errands that you do not have time to do; or simply don’t have the resources to manage on your own, whether in your home or for your car.


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It is natural to worry about your home while you’re away. What if your house gets burglarized? Who will water the plants? Who will make sure your home is safe?

"We stay while you're away"

For most people, going out of town for an extended period of time and leaving your home unattended is not an option. It is hard to feel comfortable on vacation or taking up residence in your out-of-state summer home, knowing your house is vulnerable and not being cared for properly! An empty home is very appealing to thieves, plus there is the practical problem of maintenance to worry about too.

With our home sitting and home concierge services, you can leave caring for your home to us, and feel safe in the knowledge that your home is protected and ready to welcome you home.

We will stop in as much as you want to do tasks like checking mail, moving mail away from doors so it’s not obvious you are away, checking sprinklers, checking pool water levels and watering your plants. We can also schedule and provide access to repairmen and utility technicians if any work or maintenance needs doing while you are away. You can go off on vacation, schedule in all those annoying tasks, and know it will all be done when you come back, without you having to deal with any of it.

When you come home, there will be no pile of mail to wade through at the door, the plants will all still be alive, and your home will be secure and safe, with no risk of the pool or sprinkler system going wild and causing a flood.


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"Drive safe"

Another big drain on your time can be caring for your car and arranging all the maintenance that a car needs. Getting it to services and inspections, keeping up with maintenance tasks, and finding the time to keep it clean soon all adds up to a lot of time that a lot of us just do not have. It is also a nuisance trying to arrange dropping off and collecting the car around work and other commitments.

As well as the home concierge, we offer a car concierge service to take care of all these annoying little tasks for you. We will keep your car in tip-top shape by picking-up and dropping-off your car for any service that it needs, so you do not have to. We will drop off the car for a tire change, detailing work, washing, oil changes, inspections, and other maintenance that needs doing, and then pick it up again afterwards when the work has been finished. We will even get your tags!

Whatever task you do not want to do or do not have time to do, we can take charge of it for you. Our TicToc Timesavers are ready and waiting to help you claw back more time for the more important things in life than tackling your To Do list. Whether you need a home concierge, a house sitter, or a car concierge, we can take on the work for you. Never sit in waiting for a delivery, worry about leaving your home unattended, or waste time dropping the car off for its service ever again.

** TicToc Concierge is women-owned and operated.  We are always looking to meet ladies that are interested in participating as a Time Saver! We primarily need assistance in our moving assistance services and pay above average for the projects.  If this is something you are looking for, contact Sherry today!