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Pet Sitting

Sherry Parker
| Published: 
June 16, 2021

Summer is officially here! After this difficult school year of online learning across the globe, we are all ready and thankful for summer break! Summer brings vacations and travel adventures but also brings the added stress of getting ready for said trips. Even more now with COVID-19 and travel restrictions, there is so much to do and plan for in the weeks preceding your trip! Packing up your family, finding a house sitter, getting those final errands done, preparing to travel is a time-consuming task! As a fur parent, I know that finding suitable accommodations for my fur babies is one of the most daunting pre-travel tasks.  

Summer Pet Care

          In our area, virtually everyone is a pet owner. With kids out of school and getting stir crazy at home, the summer months have numerous families flocking to fun vacation spots. School is out, Texas is heating up, everyone is ready to get out of town. With thousands of families vacationing, everyone is looking for pet care. As a result, finding adequate pet sitting can be difficult.  

Pet Boarding

          Of course, boarding is an option for your pets. This is often a last-minute option, as boarding centers pile in pets. At these facilities, pets sleep in cages and receive little to no individualized care. You can pay extra for them to have 30 minutes outside of their metal cage. We have all seen news stories about the conditions and accidents at these pet boarding facilities. With horror stories of lost pets or dog fights, I am hesitant to send my pup to a pet boarding facility.  

Pet Sitting

          The ideal option for your pet during your pet travel is a pet-sitter. But with thousands of families traveling during the same time, all of the local pet sitters tend to book months, or even a year in advance. For last-minute travelers or new pet owners, finding a pet sitter can be impossible and may even jeopardize your ability to travel.  

Let TicToc Take Care of Your Pet

         Tic Toc Concierge has the perfect solution! In addition to housesitting, we provide pet sitting services. Our Time Savers make visits to your home to check on, feed, socialize, and care for your pets. Your pets will stay in an environment that is comfortable, minimizing unnecessary change. Change can be difficult for pets. After time away in a boarding center or at a pet sitter's house, they often come home different and uncomfortable. Time away from home can impact pets and their behavior. Last summer my family planned a last-minute trip to the beach and scrambled to find a pet sitter for our 1-year-old Golden Retriever. We tried all of our go-to sitters, but sadly they were all booked. We ended using a pet-sitter who boarded dogs at her home. In her single-family home, she had over 10 dogs each day, with new dogs coming and going daily. When our puppy returned home, she was completely different. The chaotic environment was stressful for her. Our once playful pup returned to our home and slept almost the entire day. She was more reserved and even resentful toward us for leaving her. Pet care is more than a surface-level need, as the nature and quality of care have a huge impact on your pet’s personality and behavior.

You Can Relax

          Travel is intended to be a relaxing experience. During your week at the beach, or exploring a new city, you deserve to be in the moment, not worrying about your pets. With TicToc that stress is eliminated! Your pets will be warm in their beds, in the comfort of your own home, while a trusted time-saver is taking care of their every need. One of the biggest benefits of TicToc is that your pet's care is customized. Have an old, independent cat who just needs her food refilled? A few visits from one of our Time Savers may suit your needs. Have multiple dogs who need extra attention? You may want a larger package with more Time Saver hours. Need plants watered, or contract work you’ve been putting off getting done? Add that to your package! TicToc's Time Savers can care for your fur babies, and supervise contractors and visitors all while you enjoy your travel. Imagine coming home from your trip to that new paint color you’ve been dreaming of, or that pesky toilet fixed. After the difficult year and a half we’ve all had, you deserve relaxation while you’re away.

At TicToc, we want you to be able to unwind with peace of mind that your home and precious pets are in good hands. Give us a call and let us help you with your pet.