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TicToc’s Tips for An Organized Home

Sherry Parker
| Published: 
September 2, 2021

It’s September, which means that school and sports are in full swing. With these added activities comes even more stress, and more things to remember. Now more than ever, you need to stay organized and keep your life on track!


Staying Organized Can Be Challenging

We get it, it can be hard to stay organized when life is so busy and ever-changing. It’s hard to think about organizing when life is constantly throwing challenges. Making organization a priority will help in other aspects of your life. These challenges will seem smaller and more manageable when you’ve got your life in order!


Experts Say: Get Organized

Experts of all kinds, both mental health and child development professionals, claim that organization has a positive effect on our lives.


Organization Helps to Keep You Healthy, Mentally and Physically

Intermountain Healthcare’s Katy Halverson explains in her article “Can Organizing Impact Your Mental Health?” that, in fact, organization has a positive correlation with better mental health. Halverson explains that being organized can help to: “improve sleep, reduce stress, improve your relationships” and more. Furthermore, excess clutter has been found to have a scientific correlation to excess weight (Halverson, Katy). That said, your clutter and disorganization are having an undeniable negative effect on your health. When your life and things are scattered and unmanageable, this places an obvious strain on your quality of life. For example, when you can’t find your car keys when it’s time to leave for work. Situations like these cause panic. Feelings like panic and worry have a harmful effect on our bodies. Often, this can even lead to anxiety and depression. These triggering and overall unpleasant everyday situations can be prevented. Creating an organization system for your necessities can prevent things like losing your phone, planner, keys, etc. when it truly matters. I use a wall-mounted hook system to leave my keys right by the door. I’ll share more of my favorite organization tips and tricks later.


Want to read more about the effect that organization has on mental and physical health? Click here!


The Relationship Between an Organized Home and Child Development 

If the physical and mental benefits aren’t enough to make the switch to an organized life, the effect organization has on your child’s development may. The Child Development Institute explains that: “There is a relationship between a clean, well-organized home and the educational and financial success of the children who grew up there” (“Organizing Your Home for Success.”). This is a statement with a lot of impact. The organization and management skills that we show our children will and do affect them. We are their main example. This does not just affect how they will run a home in their future, it also affects their performance in work and school. Unorganized students often lose assignments and miss deadlines. While organized students generally have an easier and more successful time in school. We set the foundations for an organized life for our children. If you want to read more about the effect of organization on children, check out the Child Development Institute’s article here.  


Tic Toc’s Tips and Tricks for an Organized Life 

Now, I can imagine that my organizationally challenged friends are feeling a bit worried. Your mental health and physical health are doomed and so are your kids! Just kidding! But, there are ways that we can improve your organization and improve your life. Tic Toc is here for you. So, we decided to compile some of our top tips and tricks for an organized home!


  1. Create a “Drop Spot” for All Your Daily Necessities:

Nothing, and I mean nothing, is worse than being unable to find those everyday items. Wallet, keys, sunglasses, etc., are always impossible to find when you’re rushing out of the door. I love hanging racks, specifically those with key hooks, to help with this problem. As soon as you come home, hang those keys on the hook. This will ensure that you know exactly where you left them, every time. These are the perfect wall detail for the area that you enter every day after being out. These wall mounts don’t have to be ugly! I’ve found quite a few cute ones myself, including this one.

2.    Organized Pantry = Healthy Eating

Nutrition experts and organization experts like us at Tic To call agree that an organized pantry is necessary. When healthy items are identifiable and easy to grab, you are more likely to make healthy choices! Basic bins are an easy way to separate your pantry food. For example, one bin of unhealthy snacks and one bin for healthy snacks. That way, you don’t have to sort through piles of food just to give up and grab a sugary snack. Make sure to label your bins or organization system for guests or visitors.

3.    Spice Up Your Spices

One of my favorite tips is an organization hack and kitchen design goal! Ever been trying to cook and been overwhelmed by your spice drawer? I sure have. Things can get messy and unorganized in there fast. I have the perfect solution that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. DIY Spice Labels! Spice labels replace the confusing, hard-to-read manufacturer label. Simply remove the original label and replace it with your new label. These spice labels, for example, are super cheap and are a great way to elevate your space as well as make your cabinets feel less cluttered.

4.    Declutter That Closet

I know we are all guilty of holding on to clothes and shoes we haven’t worn in years, maybe even decades. Before you know it, your closet is jam-packed with clothes that you don’t even remember buying. Here is a good rule of thumb— if you can’t remember the last time you wore it, let it go. For some items, it can be a trickier decision. My favorite trick is to flip your hangers backward at the start of each season. Once you wear an item, flip its hanger back to normal. At the end of the season, whichever hangers are still left backward are the items you never wore, which need to be tossed. This allows you to gauge which items you’re wearing. It’s easy to simply keep items, but this is counterproductive to your organizational goals. Once you’ve decluttered that closet, start to organize your clothes by color or season. Or you can call the experts, Tic Toc.


TicToc Is Ready to Make Your Organization Goals a Reality

Overwhelmed by the idea of doing it all yourself? This is what TicToc is here for. Our Time Savers are seasoned organization pros who are dedicated to making your life easier. Give us a call and let’s chat about making your life more organized!




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